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Sweet bakery south of Dallas gets mighty personal with cookies and pies

Sweet bakery south of Dallas gets personal with cookies and pies

Sweetsie Bakery cookie
Sweetsie Bakery & Cafe takes its cookies very personally. Photo courtesy of Sweetsie

A new bakery has opened in DeSoto which puts the personal touch on everything it bakes. Called Sweetsie Bakery and Cafe, it's a family-owned operation that specializes in personal-sized items including pies, cookies, and cakes.

Located at 921 W. Beltline Rd., in a shopping center near a Walmart, Sweetsie comes from Brittney Seals, who wanted to bring Dallas something sweet and unique.

Her menu of treats includes six varieties of pies and seven kinds of cookies. Pies include butter coconut, chocolate, lemon chess, sweet potato, pecan, and buttermilk. Cookies include red velvet, chewy lemon sugar, chewy butter pecan, chocolate chip, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, and snickerdoodle.

The pies are the real deal, with a true flour-and-butter crust. The cookies have a unique shape and profile: They're oval with indentations on both sides that makes them chewy on the inside and crunchy on the outside. The personal-sized cakes are cylindrical, as well, with an artful lattice-like drizzle of icing on top; those are by custom order only.

For Seals, the personal size theme resonated because it gives the people what they want.

"If you go to a wedding, you see the ginormous three-tier cake or sheet cakes, and nobody knows how to cut it," she says. "With personal-sized cakes, there's a lot less waste, and you can customize your order by ordering a variety of flavors. Everyone gets a flavor they like."

Seals has an ace in the kitchen: her mother, who is the baking mastermind and who she says is very into the science behind food and in giving people a unique experience. They did all the work on Sweetsie's interior themselves, even to making the tables. A chalkboard mural covers one entire wall. It runs in the family: Seals' sister opened Zaritas Mexican Grill, the Mexican restaurant in far north Fort Worth, in 2017, and they also own a gaming startup.

At Sweetsie, in addition to the baked items, they're also doing cappuccino and tea, and are also testing the waters with a limited offering of Thai-style rolled ice cream, the very buzzy dessert trend. Customers have liked it so much, they're keeping it on the menu. "We aren't afraid to try new things," Seals says.