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Chase your perfect bowl at this new Plano Asian restaurant

Chase your perfect bowl at this new Plano Asian restaurant

Chasu bowl
Chasu is the latest restaurant to emulate Chipotle's assembly line style. Photo courtesy of Chasu

A new Asian restaurant in Plano names itself for one of its signature dishes. The restaurant, which opened in January at the northeast corner of Dallas North Tollway and Park Boulevard, is called Chasu, for the Cantonese method of flavoring barbecued pork.

Chasu loosely follows the Chipotle model, with an assembly line of ingredients from which customers can create their own dish. You have five options with which to start: rice noodles, white or brown rice, a veggie blend, or a sushi-like nori wrap. Then choose whatever other items you want. If you want protein, there are five choices: shrimp, fried tofu, satay chicken, "Chasu" barbecue pork, or the Korean-flavored beef bulgogi.

Veggies are not your run-of-the-mill zucchini. There's kale, street corn, purple cabbage, kimchi, Romaine lettuce, and more.

There are also "buns," which are like soft but chewy dumplings; and a phenomenal version of tofu fries, with neatly trimmed rectangles of tofu in a light, crunchy crust.

The ingredients are a pan-Asian mix that draw from the cuisines of China, Taiwan, Korea, and Japan; many of the recipes and preparations come from manager Doreen Tong.

"We're getting a lot of interest from vegan diners because so many of our dishes can be ordered without meat," Tong says. "The food is always hot and fresh, we use nothing canned or frozen.

"We want to allow you to experience East Asia cuisine in your own way," she says. "With the assembly-line style, you get full control of your meal."