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Marijuana-themed sandwich joint sparks up first Dallas shop in Deep Ellum

Marijuana-themed sandwich joint sparks up Dallas shop in Deep Ellum

Cheba Hut
Who doesn't love a good weed joke? Cheba Hut/Facebook

A marijuana-obsessed sandwich shop is coming to Dallas. Called Cheba Hut, it's a cannabis-themed restaurant based in Fort Collins, Colorado that will open its first Dallas location in the heart of Deep Ellum.

According to a release, the shop has nabbed a prime spot at 2808 Main St., across from Stirr, in a cool storefront that used to be an automotive parts place. Projected opening date is "early June."

Founded in 1998, Cheba Hut aspires to do high-quality food but in a relaxed environment. There are currently 30 locations with another six "coming soon," including Dallas and a location in Austin.

The menu has more than two dozen sub sandwiches, all with amusing pot-themed names like Acapulco Gold (chicken breast with BBQ sauce and Swiss cheese), Panama Red (chicken breast with marinara, provolone, and parmesan), and Chronic (roast beef with BBQ sauce, green pepper, mushrooms, and cheddar).

Six veggie subs include the Silver Haze, with hummus and Swiss cheese; Magic Mushroom with portabella, pepperjack, and teriyaki glaze; and the Power Plant, with guacamole, hummus, and feta.

There are a few classic salads such as a Greek salad and an antipasto salad, while starters and sides are filed under a category called Munchies. It includes meatballs, hummus platter, nachos, and garlic cheese bread.

Drinks are "Cottonmouth Cures" and include iced tea, beer, Red Bull, and Kool-Aid.

There are also cocktails such as the Dirty Hippie with Deep Eddy vodka, lemonade, and muddled fresh cucumbers; and a Long Island Iced Tea with Red Bull that they call the Hash Can.

Four fabulous stoner desserts include a Rice Krispie bar, brownies ("of course we have brownies on our menu, and of course they are the best brownies in town," the menu says), and chocolate chip cookies.

Bringing the concept to Dallas is Chance Steed, a former professional poker player, who plans to open three locations in around Dallas-Fort Worth.

Steed discovered Cheba Hut on a trip to Colorado while visiting a friend. Being the risk taker he is from his career as a professional poker, he decided to franchise the concept. Deep Ellum felt like a perfect fit, due to its historical significance to Dallas' music and art culture.

Dallas is the first in the area but the release says that there are plans to grow the concept throughout Texas.