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Dallas gets exclusive first shot at trendy new Baskin-Robbins treat

Dallas gets exclusive first shot at trendy new Baskin-Robbins treat

Baskin Robbins ice cream cupcakes
Dallas will be first in the country. Yay us. Photo courtesy of Baskin Robbins

Ice cream chain Baskin-Robbins is testing a trendy new item and Dallas will be the first to get to try it. The product: ice cream cupcakes, and Dallas will have them exclusively for the month of February.

Imagine the glee you'll feel when you call your friends and relatives in cities such as Houston or Austin, to casually drop the fact that you are getting to enjoy this ice cream treat. These are the kinds of simple pleasures that make life worth living. The ice cream cupcakes don't even have to be that great. The point is, we got them first. Ha ha.

Baskin-Robbins' ice cream cupcakes feature chocolate or white cupcakes filled with a choice of vanilla, chocolate, or Oreo ice cream; topped with buttercream; and decorated with festive quins. According to a B-R spokesperson, a quin is one of those colored sugary things that look festive. Learning new things!

The ice cream cupcakes are customizable, with a guest's favorite flavor or the February Flavor of the Month, which is "Cannoli Be With You," made with mascarpone-flavored ice cream, chocolate chips, cannoli shell pieces, and roasted pistachios. Grab-and-go six-packs of the ice cream cupcakes are $16.

The trendy part here is cupcakes — which admittedly have slightly faded as a hot trend. Don't be a downer. People still love cupcakes. Let's go back to the part about Dallas being first, as emphasized by Katy Latimer, VP of Baskin-Robbins' owner Dunkin' Brands:

"We're so excited to have our guests in Dallas be the first in the country to enjoy our new ice cream cupcakes," she says in a release. She gets it.

The company also has a few new Valentine's-themed twists rolling out for February. There's a heart-shaped "polar pizza" — basically a heart-shaped version of Baskin-Robbins' popular Polar Pizza Ice Cream Treat — consisting of a heart-shaped brownie crust topped with Love Potion #31 ice cream, fudge brownie pieces, marshmallow topping, and heart quins — more of those dang quins. And there's a "Be Mine" heart cake, in a six-inch or nine-inch version, available with white or chocolate cake and ice cream flavor of your choice.

They'll introduce the cupcakes on February 9 with samplings from 3-7 pm.