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Pancakes save the day in charitable event for Dallas' Bonton Farms

Pancakes save the day in charitable event for Dallas' Bonton Farms

Snooze pancakes
Eat pancakes and save the world. Photo courtesy of Snooze

The forecast for mid-February is pancakes, when a breakfast restaurant chain contributes all of its pancake sales to a local community garden.

Snooze an A.M. Eatery will host a pancake-themed fund-raising event for Bonton Farms, the urban farm and market founded with a goal to restore health and create jobs.

Snooze, the Colorado-based chain which currently has 41 locations, has held a pancake-fueled charitable endeavor for 10 years, raising more than $120,000 for local community gardens by donating all of its pancake sales to their garden partners.

In prior years, the endeavor was a single day, but in 2020, Snooze will extend it to an entire week from February 19–25.

Even if you're not into the charitable component, there's another more selfish benefit: All locations will launch a special menu featuring a new pancake for each day. So you'd get to try new pancake flavors, and it ends with one that has a Mardi Gras theme, so that's even more incentive.

The schedule of flavors is as follows:

  • February 19: Texas Praline – Buttermilk pancake filled with brown sugar, topped with praline sauce, whipped marscapone, and candied pecans
  • February 20: Crème Brûlée – Buttermilk pancake filled with raw sugar, topped with vanilla custard and fresh berries.
  • February 21: Coffee N’ Donuts – Buttermilk pancake topped with a maple donut glaze, crushed pecans and a side of espresso vanilla crème.
  • February 22: Local Garden Cake – Buttermilk pancake filled with zucchini and carrots, topped with Green Goddess spread and sambal sauce
  • February 23: Strawberry Jack – Buttermilk pancake topped with lemon anglaise, fresh strawberries, whipped marscapone, and candied lemon
  • February 24: Cajun Cochon – Buttermilk pancake filled with Polidori andouille sausage, topped with bourbon maple syrup, Cajun butter, candied pecans and a sprig of fresh thyme
  • February 25: King Cake – Happy Fat Tuesday! Buttermilk pancake topped with lemon anglaise, blueberry mascarpone, sweet cream, and traditional Mardi Gras colored raw sugar… and if you get lucky, you might win a Snooze prize. Hmm, King Cake, whatever could it be.

As part of the event, Snooze staff and their families also donate their time on April 23 when they return to the gardens to assist in planting and harvesting for their annual Garden Party. Guests are welcome to join as well.