Twisted Tacos

New Richardson taqueria takes a fabulously twisted view of tacos

New Richardson taqueria takes a fabulously twisted view of tacos

Twister Street Tacos
Tacos are getting twisty in Richardson. Photo courtesy of Twister Street

A new Mexican restaurant in Richardson called Twister Street Tacos comes with a menu and philosophy that you won't find anywhere else. The restaurant, which is going into a former Mr. Gatti's at 300 N. Coit Rd., has a crazy fusion of cuisines that's a reflection of the owner's heritage.

It'll open in mid-March, and will be for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and weekend brunch — both Saturdays and Sundays, gotta have the brunch — with a full bar and a lounge atmosphere that is intended to evoke the spirit of Puerto Vallarta.

Owner Eric Eichelmann grew up in Mexico and has a passion for tacos al pastor.

"Tacos al pastor are the main reason I’m doing this restaurant," he says. "I love tacos al pastor, and I'm bringing the authentic correct recipe. It'll twist your taste buds. That's in our logo. The yellow is pineapple."

Eichelmann says that Twister Street is a taco joint that's "70 percent street tacos," with the other 30 percent a mix of Tex-Mex and even a rib-eye steak with caramelized onions and tortillas. He'll also do a serious tequila bar with mezcals. He has a connection in Mexico that will get him access to mezcals that others don't have.

"I'm doing the flavors of Mexico as well as my heritage," he says. "My mom is Cuban and my dad is German, but I was born in Mexico. So I have a different perspective."

That includes veggie tacos with poblano chiles and queso panela, a soft white cheese; sirloin gyros; and a taco filled with bratwurst. "That's for my dad," he says. "I'm also doing a taco that's dedicated to my mom, the vaca frita. It's a Cuban dish with shredded brisket that's boiled and then fried, so that it gets this crust. It's irresistible."

"I'm just having fun with a fusion of flavors, I want it to be accessible to customers who are Mexican and American," he says. "But I do know what's important in Mexican food. At the end of the day, how good are your salsas? That's a Mexican thing."