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Insomnia Cookies will deliver warm cookies in Dallas' Deep Ellum

Insomnia Cookies will deliver warm cookies in Dallas' Deep Ellum

Insomnia Cookies
Warm cookies delivered to your door. Courtesy photo

In what is surely the perfect match between business and neighborhood, Insomnia Cookies, the company that delivers warm cookies, is opening its first Dallas location in Deep Ellum. How on the money is that.

The store will open at 2656 Main St. on February 15. This will be the third location in the DFW area; there are already locations in Denton and Fort Worth.

Based in Philadelphia and New York, Insomnia Cookies was founded in a University of Pennsylvania dorm room by then-student Seth Berkowitz in 2003. Today, they have more than 175 nationwide locations.

Varieties include sugar, white chocolate macadamia, snickerdoodle, oatmeal raisin, confetti deluxe, oatmeal chocolate chip walnut, and chocolate peanut butter cup.

They also do cookie sandwiches with an icing filling or with an ice cream filling, plus cookie cakes, plus mini cookies with a container of icing to dip, plus you can get cookies with a quart of ice cream on the side. Plus, they now have vegan cookies in three varieties: chocolate chunk, birthday cake, and double chocolate chunk.

As the release wisely points out, Deep Ellum is home to arts, music, and culture, and Insomnia Cookies will complement all of these experiences, "especially late-night cravings," wink wink; part of their deal is that they stay open late at night, until at least 1 am.

While delivery is their special thing, they also sell cookies to walk-up customers, so old-school, so quaint.

The company is also releasing a new limited-edition Valentine’s Day-inspired menu, including:

  • Red Velvet and Chocolate Covered Strawberry classic and mini cookies
  • Red Velvet and Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cookie Dipper Packs with your choice of Cream Cheese Icing, Buttercream, and Cookie Butter side dips. Topped off with festive heart sprinkles
  • Heart-Shaped Cookie Cakes with cream cheese icing

But wait, there's more: Insomnia Cookies will open a second location in Victory Park, at 2400 Victory Park Ln., #C30. That one will open in March.