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Plano's trendy food hall project signs on new craft beer partner

Plano's trendy food hall project signs on new craft beer partner

Southerleigh beer
Plano's new food hall gets a key food group: craft beer. Photo courtesy of Southerleigh

Legacy Hall, Plano's European-style food hall in the making, is adding a craft beer outfit called Unlawful Assembly Brewing Co. to the mix, slated to open in the fall.

According to a release, Unlawful Assembly will do a variety of beers designed to pair with the diverse flavors at Legacy Hall.

Check out this press release sentence: "By combining the highest-quality ingredients sourced from every corner of the globe with a desire to push the boundaries of craft brewing, Unlawful Assembly will become an agent of change for food, beverage, and entertainment in the Plano/Frisco area."

An agent of change — who knew.

Brewmaster is Tom Janik, who headed up Twin Peaks' brewing operation. Tours and tastings will be offered at Unlawful Assembly, and the brewery’s taproom will be available for private events and parties.

Tim Timbs, Unlawful's VP, says that Unlawful Assembly will turn heads in North Texas as well as within the craft beer industry. "This cutting-edge brewery will brew, distribute, and promote the highest quality, tastiest, and most creative craft beers found anywhere," he says.

The brewery will feature six to eight beer styles year-round, along with a rotating selection of seasonal beers, session-able lagers, and small-batch, barrel-aged experiments. Know this: Every beer produced by Unlawful Assembly will be bold in flavor. Seriously, this release is solid gold.

"We won't hesitate to use nontraditional ingredients in our beers," says brewmaster Janik. "And we'll be constantly pushing the envelope to explore unique flavor combinations. And because we’ll be rotating our taps on a regular basis, there will always be something new for our guests to discover."

Legacy Hall will host more than 20 vendors, with a second-floor terrace overlooking the live music stage and beer garden. Unlawful Assembly will occupy the third floor.