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Magical unicorn dessert shop in Dallas' Deep Ellum moves to bigger new digs

Magical unicorn dessert shop in Deep Ellum moves to bigger new digs

Magical Dessert bar unicorn cake
OMG that cake is sooo adorable. Magical Dessert Bar/Facebook

After an unprecedentedly robust debut in Deep Ellum, the unicorn-loving Magical Dessert Bar is moving to a new location.

The whimsical, fantastical dessert shop first opened at 2646 Elm St., next door to its ice cream-themed sibling Chills 360, in a small storefront that runs along the alley connecting Main and Elm Streets, almost as a whim.

Owner Javi Bubar said when they opened that their goal was to bring something new to Dallas. "We do a lot of travel and we saw a similar concept in Bangkok and thought it would well received in Dallas," she said.

Magical Dessert Bar featured desserts in unicorn colors, with unicorn cakes, milkshakes, boba tea, cupcakes, cake pops, and lemonades in different flavors like mango, pomegranate, and berry-berry, in decorative colors.

They soon learned that the appetite for unicorns is real. Real crazy. You only need to visit the shop's Facebook page to see the comments from eager fans, begging and pleading for shops in their own towns, fervently asking about hours, or flying in from Houston, Waco, and even New Mexico, just for a slice of colorful cake and the opportunity to pose in front of the unicorn mural painted on the wall and capture a special Instagram moment.

The appetite is so big that a second shop is slated to open in Houston, also in early March.

At 500 square feet and with no seating, the original shop in Deep Ellum quickly became overwhelmed by the mobs that descended, and they closed in early February.

"We had absolutely no seating, and with the summer coming and 100-plus degrees weather, we thought, 'How are customers going to wait and sit outside, especially with kids?'" Babar says. "So we decided to move now."

Their new spot is also in Deep Ellum, just a few blocks away, in a storefront at 3408 Main St.

"It's a 2500-square-foot space, which will give us the opportunity to create a more exciting product line and more interactive experiences," Babar says. "We are going to have the same menu as we had here plus more, because now we will have a huge seating space."

The new bigger space also gives them the option to host birthday parties and other private events, which have been a huge request item from customers.

Their target opening is mid March, possibly March 9 — the day the unicorns return.