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New Dallas pop-up specializes in State Fair's most popular treat

New Dallas pop-up specializes in State Fair's most popular treat

There'll be corny dogs and more. Photo courtesy of Fletch

The most famous foodstuff of the State Fair of Texas now has a year-round pop-up concept.

Called Fletch, it's a pop-up restaurant, catering, and special events concept and "purveyor of fine stick food." It's the brainchild of mom-and-daughter duo Vic & Jace Fletcher. Jace is the granddaughter of Neil "Skip" Fletcher, Dallas' late corn dog king, and Vic is his great-granddaughter.

The mother-daughter duo say they're excited to bring the concept to life after a lifetime of dreaming and planning together.

"We come from a long line of fried food connoisseurs," their release says. "And while some of the items on our menu are inspired by old family recipes, we have taken traditional cuisines and given them a fresh, modern spin.We believe in simplicity, nourishment, freshness, flavor, aroma, and 'the crunch.'"

Vic, who will oversee the catering and special event execution is a "deep fried-food expert" in Texas who has worked at the State Fair for 35 years.

The menu includes franks, sausages, and cheeses hand-dipped in a corn flour based batter and then deep-fried in hot oil until perfectly golden brown.

Their stick food items include pork & beef frank, grass-fed beef dog, ham, smoked pork & beef sausage with jalapeno & cheddar, turkey dog, veggie dog, a "cheese" dog, and mini-dogs.

Sides include seasoned curly fries, green beans, stuffed jalapenos, and dill pickle spears, which you can get with choice of dipping sauces such as ranch, spicy Dijon, creamy gorgonzola, and Southern red-eyed gravy.

There's also a cool funnel cake bar, featuring a funnel cake served with a selection of toppings, from berry compote to salted caramel to melted Belgian chocolate.

Fletch is ready to pop up anywhere in DFW, with a condensed menu for large-scale concessions and special event environments, and tailored menus for private parties and pop-ups.

You can find them at the North Texas Irish Festival at Fair Park on March 8, and the Pickle Parade in Mansfield on March 15. You can also follow their whereabouts via their nicely appointed website.

They're hosting a fun launch party, open to the public, at The Rustic on March 4 from 5-7 pm. They'll follow that up with two introductory popups at Mutts Canine Cantina: one in Dallas on March 8, 4-8 pm; and another in Fort Worth on March 22, 5-9 pm.