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New coffee shop offers perky alternative to Dallas' serious java scene

New coffee shop offers perky alternative to Dallas' serious java scene

Amor Ciego coffee
Coffee is served. Photo courtesy of Amor Ciego

A fun coffee shop is headed for Richardson, bringing espresso drinks and more to an area currently without. Called Intergalactic Coffee, it'll open at 1551 E. Spring Valley Rd., near the intersection of Plano Road — east of US 75, a virtual coffee no man's land.

Intergalactic is going into a storefront space that used to be an art studio, where it will serve coffee and espresso drinks, plus pastries, cookies, and croissants, with a plan to add sandwiches and salads, if the market shows interest.

Owner is Joseph Pouncy, who left a secure career in the field of education at the age of 40 to take this entrepreneurial leap.

"Working in the school district was like having a security blanket and this is like jumping out of plane," Pouncy says. "But I got burned out and felt like I needed to do this. I considered a few options but I liked coffee because of the lore surrounding it: supporting the coffee farmers and your local roaster."

Pouncy is working with Eiland Coffee Roaster in Richardson — "I don't want to be a roaster, I just want to do retail," he says. He'll source pastries from Empire Baking, and maybe some pies from Humble Pies, opening soon in East Dallas.

Old-timers will know the area he's in as the location of the old Richardson Square Mall, currently home to a Target, Ross Dress For Less, and Lowe's. If you're a local, you also know that coffee shops are far less common east of US 75 than in the expresso-laden land to the west.

"I like this neighborhood, it's a diverse community, and I feel like we're going to find our audience," Pouncy says. "The only coffee shop in the area is the Starbucks that's inside the Target store, but they don't open until the store opens. We're going to be open at 6 am for that early-morning coffee crowd."

Being approachable and even whimsical is a big part of his philosophy.

"When you walk in, you'll see a fun environment," he says. He's already set up tableaus with vintage outer space toys and other similar memorabilia, and has a lead on a galaxy mural that would be "perfect."

The name Intergalactic Coffee is also a play on the Beastie Boys song; if you're in the store and it's playing, there's a chance you'll get a drink for free.

"I'm a big fan of old-school rap, we'll have all kinds of stuff playing in the shop, not just elevator music," he says. "I've also been looking for a 20-foot rocket to put out in front."

He hopes to be open in early April.

"I've visited all of the coffee shops around Dallas, and each has their place," he says. "We're not as serious as some of the others. I want this to be a place where people can have fun and not be so stuffy."