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Dallas poke restaurant bops up on Lemmon Avenue with social-media slant

Dallas poke restaurant bops up on Lemmon Ave. with social-media slant

Poke bop
Poké Bop is the only restaurant you're likely to find a sushi doughnut. Photo by Kevin Marple

Poke, the Hawaiian raw fish trend looming big in Dallas in 2017, has a new player: Poké Bop, which just opened at 4103 Lemmon Ave., in the same center as Starbucks, in a space that has been a yogurt shop and a Blimpie sub shop.

Diners unfamiliar with poke are advised to think of it as deconstructed sushi. Poké Bop's chef Tommy Hwang is a certified sushi chef with 27 years of experience. He says that poke has to be fresh and that he plans to procure locally whenever he can.

"We also intend to cure our fish on site and diners will be able to taste the difference in the cut," he says.

The menu will include signature bowls or an opportunity to build your own. It will also include a quirky item that is surely unique to Poké Bop: the "poke donut," which should really be spelled doughnut. It's a sushi roll bent in the shape of a circle, which definitely has to taste better than a sushi roll that is straight.

Diners can also enjoy a poke ritto: basically an over-sized sushi roll that hasn't been sliced into pieces, so you can pick it up and eat it with your hands, like you would a burrito. That also has to taste better, it only makes sense that it would.

Poké Bop will have Asian beers and cold sake, available by the bottle. The restaurant has tables but also standing dining options, as well.

Savvy to the world of social media, Poké Bop's interior was designed with Instagram in mind. A surfboard is displayed prominently in the back, in keeping with the Hawaiian beach culture. Stand against that and snap photos. Go ahead. Take those photos. Stand against that surfboard backdrop and take selfies of yourself at Poké Bop.