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Guitars and Growlers rocks Richardson with cool combo of axes and beer

Guitars and Growlers rocks Richardson with cool combo of axes and beer

Guitars & Growlers
Is there a better pairing than guitars and growlers? Photo courtesy of G&G

Growler bars have to be one of the greatest developments in the craft beer scene. Every neighborhood deserves its own growler bar, a place where residents can bring in their own bottle and fill up with whatever interesting stuff is on tap. Now Richardson is on the list with Guitars and Growlers, an especially unique version of a growler bar opening at 581 W. Campbell Rd. near the University of Texas at Dallas campus.

While Richardsonians can get growler fills at Whole Foods Market, Guitars and Growlers, aka G&G, is the first dedicated growler bar. It comes from Richardson residents Rob and Amy Baker, and as you might guess from the name, their mission is twofold: to promote hand-crafted guitars and Texas breweries.

It'll be a rustic, comfortable growler bar that serves comfort food and sells handmade instruments. Guests will be able to take home a growler of local beer, plus guitar-related merchandise.

"We want to build a new way for people to see what is going on in world of guitar-building while enjoying a craft beer," says Rob, who has been been making guitars as a hobby and passion for the past few years. A lifelong music fan who once played in a band and worked as a roadie, Rob discovered that the guitar-making world had an amazing sense of community.

"When I started doing the guitar thing, there was a lot of communication involved," he says. "I was learning a lot through online forums from guys who are top-notch guitar builders. I realized there was a strong community out there, and really liked that part of it."

That sense of community is something they'd like to recreate with their bar. There'll also be food, which is a requirement in the city of Richardson.

"In Richardson, you cannot have beer and wine without a food license," he says. "That's the reason there are no other growler bars. So we're going to have a simple menu with all the stuff that complements beer: meat and cheese trays, gourmet sandwiches, and a fantastic beer cheese dip."

Construction is underway at their location, which was previously a textbook store. They're aiming to open in June.

"We think of it as a retail guitar store combined with a bar," Rob says. "It's not so different from the bars in Deep Ellum that would have art work for sale. We're basically that but for guitars."