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Black Forest Biergarten opens on Henderson Avenue with changed name

Black Forest Biergarten opens on Henderson Avenue with changed name

Henderson Avenue German-themed restaurant Black Forest Biergarten has changed its name, out of courtesy and respect for another local business with a similar name. Owners Blake and Di Ann Bogus opened Glass Boot Biergarten the last week of March, after receiving a letter from an attorney for Henk's European Deli.

"We found out the name was taken," Di Ann says. "We received a letter from a local attorney stating that Black Forest Bakery operating on Blackwell Street requested we cease using their name."

Henk's European Deli, operating as Black Forest Bakery & Black Forest Coffee Haus, has had the Black Forest name since 1961. Unfortunately, they had not registered the name with the state, which is why the Boguses could claim it.

But the Boguses put aside the legalities, saying they had no intention of bringing turmoil to the family of businesses.

"[Henk's European Deli] has worked for more than four decades to serve this part of town, and that's something I want to be able to say 40 years from now," Di Ann says. "I definitely know that a future community institution shouldn't start its existence with a legal battle."

The letter they received talked of the other owner's concern about the use of the Black Forest name and its potential effect on the bakery's client base, goodwill and business reputation.

"We were asked to immediately stop using the name, so we did," Di Ann says. "We are here to add to the community, not break up the family."

After a long discussion, they settled on Glass Boot Biergarten.

Glass Boot Biergarten logo
Glass Boot Biergarten is on Henderson Avenue. Photo courtesy of Glass Boot