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Ballyhooed Plano food hall ticks up drinking options to 9 bars

Ballyhooed Plano food hall ticks up drinking options to 9 bars

Legacy food hall
Food halls are still cool. Photo courtesy of Legacy Hall

Plano's Legacy Hall food hall is unveiling one of the final pieces of its lineup with the May opening of The Box Garden at Legacy Hall.

The Box Garden is an outdoor patio and entertainment venue with a 600-square-foot event stage and massive LED screen that will host live music, sports watching, festivals, holiday parties, and culinary events.

Its name comes from the fact that it's constructed out of reclaimed shipping containers. It's designed to be a versatile and innovative communal space.

The opening of the Box Garden also promises yet more food and beverage options. That includes Carlton Provisions, a barbecue stall founded by Jordan Swim of Vestals Catering and the Chili's founder Larry Lavine. Their menu will include oak-fired brisket, five-hour ribs, and house-prepared sausage.

The Box Garden will also add five new bars, two of which will be rotating popups. So that's really three new bars, and two popups. The three new bars are:

  • Idol Time Tiki Bar
  • Stillhouse Lounge
  • Unlawful Assembly Outpost

There'll also be a Hawaiian shaved ice stand called Shaved Ice Stubborn Flavors.

They're hosting a four-day weekend grand opening from May 17-20, with performances by blues-rock Chris Watson Band, Sarah Jaffe, and DJ EJ.

On May 19, a lineup of local artists will perform all day, including Sleepy Zuhoski, Madison King, Vandoliers and Kirk Thurmond & The Millennials. 

May 20 will be a farmer's market with produce, herbs and other ingredients.