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Dallas nightlife vets debut fashionista lounge on Henderson Avenue

Dallas nightlife vets debut fashionista lounge on Henderson Avenue

Is that a Chanel bag or are you just glad to see me. PM Lounge

There's a new-old bar opening on Henderson Avenue from a major nightlife team: Called PM: A Nightlife Lounge, it's a revival of a late-night underground bar that was once in downtown Dallas, now returning at a new address, namely 2918 N. Henderson Ave., aka the space formerly occupied by The Dram.

PM Lounge is from Mark and Chris Beardon of Twinning Concepts & SBBC Hospitium and promises to deliver artful drinks and graceful service in a stylish setting: a spot for nightlife fashionistas, rich in atmosphere and service.

They're looking at opening in June.

The release has some really good words: "Over the years, these operators have discovered a forensic understanding of how to deliver a fun, bar experience with multiple concepts under their belt." Forensic is a good word, who else watches Forensic Files, raise your hand.

PM was known for its loungey environment in the early hours of the evening, hosting the before and after dinner crowd in the hotel downtown, with a transformation late at night to DJs, celebrities, and reservation-only after 11 pm on the weekends.

Who wouldn't want to bring that magic back.

The menu will include classic cocktails or as well as locally inspired creations rotated seasonally. Patrons can go for high-class cocktails in the early hours of the evening or bottle service with late night celebrity DJs.

The design will include brass outlines and custom chandeliers inspired by classic Art Deco light fixtures. Layers of soft touch fabrics with patterns from the period, chic lounge furniture, custom banquettes, booths, and bar stool seating. Simplified arches built with large, antiqued mirrors located along the walls in the main room. Modern and tufted sofas surround a DJ booth area with pops of colors and patterns.

An additional lounge area offers a cozy space with lacquer paneling with continued arches delivering an overall mood and feel of a reimagined galley hall with hanging artwork like that of the quirky, fun artwork found in the original PM lounge location downtown.

The Beardon brothers have worked in the Dallas hospitality scene since 2004 as owners and operators of businesses ranging from hotels and restaurants to bars and nightclubs. They formed SBBC Hospitium in 2014, and now oversee seven properties in Dallas and one in Austin. Twinning Concepts LLC is their partnership with Jonathan "Vegas" DuBois (Nine Group, Ghostbar). SBBC Hospitium and Twinning Concepts LLC operate Truth & Alibi, The Tipsy Alchemist (Dallas/Austin), PUNK Society, The Ill Minster Pub, Musume, Felix Culpa, AKAI, Barcadia Bar & Grill, and Dahlia Bar & Bistro.