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New BBQ restaurant adds brisket and slushies to Dallas' Lower Greenville

BBQ restaurant adds brisket and slushies to Dallas' Lower Greenville

Louie King BBQ
BBQ action coming to Lower Greenville. Photo courtesy of Louie King

Greenville Avenue is due to get a barbecue joint. Called Louie King BBQ, it'll take over the space famously known as the former Daddy Jack's, and will open in August.

Louie King comes from Sameer Patel and Patrick Bruce, who have been lighting up Lower Greenville with restaurants. They're the team behind Feed Company, the restaurant and bourbon lounge, and also the newly opened Leela's Wine Bar + ABV establishment.

Just as they did with Leela's, they're opening via a campaign with NextSeed, the Houston-based funding portal.

Located at 1916 Greenville Ave., next door to Leela's, Louie King BBQ will fuse Texas BBQ traditions with contemporary design and innovative food and beverage offerings.

The centerpoints of the menu will be Texas-sourced meats smoked overnight, including Wagyu brisket, prime rib, and pulled pork.

Guests looking for a unique dinner experience will be able to book whole-animal roasts in advance. Smoked seafood and exotic meats will also be rotated into the menu as specials.

Barbecue made sense for a couple of reasons, Patel says.

"First, that space is pretty small, so we had to figure out something we could do where we didn't have to rely on people dining in," he says. "We needed something where to-go and counter-service would play a role, and for that format, barbecue seemed perfect."

They've already been doing smoked meats at Feed Company, and it's a passion of Bruce's, who says he's dreamed of opening a barbecue concept since he first got into the food and beverage industry nearly a decade ago.

"Like many Texans, I first learned about cooking by smoking briskets with my dad," he says in a release. "We've been experimenting with smoked meats at Feed Company since we opened, and I'm excited to take that program to the next level with Louie King."

Louie King will boast a 13-foot custom-built pit from Dallas-based pitmakers A.N. Bewley. Beverage offerings will include boozy slushees, plus beer and wine.

In the NextSeed campaign, investors can invest as little as $100. In addition to potential financial returns, investors get perks like gift cards and invitations to an exclusive investor launch party.