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Dallas gets first crack at test piloting Wendy's new delivery service

Dallas gets first crack at test piloting Wendy's new delivery service

Wendy's food
You could get this burger delivered to you right now. Wendy's/Facebook

Does Dallas have a reputation for being lazy? We seem to be the favored city for delivery services to start up. Beginning May 1, we'll be one of two cities in the U.S. to be able to to get a Wendy's Frosty delivered to our door.

Wendy's has partnered up for delivery with DoorDash on a pilot program in Dallas and in Columbus, Ohio. Wendy's dishes such as its infamous square burgers and its golden crispy chicken nuggets are available for delivery in the Dallas area.

The pilot will cover 135 Wendy's restaurants in Dallas and Columbus, with plans to expand nationally within the year.

DoorDash has previously forged partnerships with Taco BellBaskin-Robbins, and Dunkin Donuts; Dallas was first in their rollouts, too. If you can make it in Dallas, you can make it anywhere!

What this means for you: You could use DoorDash to get doughnuts, tacos, a Wendy's Frosty milkshake, and ice cream for dessert. That pretty much covers all your food groups.

According to a release, the partnership between the two companies underscores the dueling needs of fast versus easy, and of how the speed of drive-through meals is being challenged by the convenience of delivery.

The restaurant industry has been expanding its use of technology, from in-store kiosks to ordering ahead via app. But with the growing popularity of delivery, Wendy's sees that convenience is increasingly popular.

You know what else is popular? Free. To celebrate the launch of this new service, delivery from Wendy's will be free to customers for a limited time.