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Humble East Dallas pie shop opens with family favorite flaky recipes

Humble East Dallas pie shop opens with family favorite flaky recipes

Humble Pies
Be it ever so Humble, chocolate cream pie. Photo courtesy of Humble Pies

Pies will be baking in East Dallas with the opening of Humble Pies, the mom-and-pop pie shop coming to the Garland Road corridor east of White Rock Lake.

Humble will open on May 8 at 9014 Garland Rd., in the old Metro Barber shop, in the same center as hipster bar Lounge Here and dessert shop Cheesecake Royale.

The shop is a godsend not merely for East Dallas but for pie lovers across DFW, currently a barren wasteland when it comes to pie.

Owners Sean and Erin Jett will be open Tuesday-Sunday, from 11 am-9 pm, with deliciously later hours — until 11 pm — on Friday-Saturday, serving pies whole and by the slice, and coffee. Late-night pie run!

They'll start out with 7-8 flavors a day, using whatever local ingredients are available, such as Texas blueberries when they come into season. They'll do local favorites like Key lime, and Southern classics such as pecan pie and his signature coconut cream.

Flavors for their opening week will include:

  • chocolate cream pie
  • coconut cream pie
  • Blossom's coconut joy pie
  • lemon meringue
  • apple pie
  • cherry pie
  • all the berry pie
  • Alex's lemon ice box
  • Alabama pecan pie

Almost every pie comes with a family connection or anecdote. For example, "Alex's lemon ice box pie" is named for the Jetts' son Alex, who helped devise the recipe. It's like a lemon version of Key lime pie, with lots of lemon juice and zest, topped with a crown of fresh blueberries.

Sean is the baker. His pie dough recipe is one he's used for years that came from a family-based recipe. It uses both lard and butter, with a splash of vinegar.

The Alabama pecan pie is so named because the recipe came from his grandmother, who was from Mobile, Alabama. And "Blossom" is his great-grandmother.

He remembers when she used to make an "Almond Joy cake" that summoned the flavors of an Almond Joy candy bar, and that's what he's doing with Blossom's coconut joy pie, which has a chocolate pot-de-creme filling and is topped with sliced almonds.

"Pie is special because it invokes memories," he says.