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Dallas crisps up toast trend with new Greenville Avenue restaurant

Dallas crisps up toast trend with new Greenville Avenue restaurant

Avocado toast Josephine House breakfast
Dallas gets on the toast trend. Photo by Mary Kathryn Paynter

The "toast" thing hasn't quite taken off in Dallas yet, but maybe it will with a new dedicated toast shop, called Toasted Coffee + Kitchen, opening at Greenville and Ross avenues. It's going into a nice old building that was a former paint store, one building down from Pints & Quarts, and is set to open this summer.

A release calls it an "elevated eatery and bar featuring artisanal toast." Maybe it's on stilts? Co-founders are Joel Roldan, the concept creator, and Bob Sinnott, a Dallas restaurant industry veteran.

Roldan says that they envision Dallas locals enjoying sweet and savory toasts, coffee, and "handcrafted" cocktails any time of the day. Therefore Toasted will be open from day to night. There'll be an in-house bakery, open kitchen, open-air patio, and loft-style second level.

The menu will include not just toasts but gourmet toasts, grilled-cheese sandwiches, and specialty sandwiches.

Toast options include sweet rye, cream cheese, and volcanic sea salt. Open-faced heartier toasts include one with country bread, bananas, coarsely chopped chocolate, and sunflower sauce. Grilled cheese sandwiches include one with levain bread, arugula, Roma tomato slices, bacon, and mozzarella. Specialty sandwiches include one with Hawaiian bread, pulled pork, pineapple, red onion, and chipotle mayo.

The menu will also include gluten-free and Paleo options.

There'll be Texas craft beers and craft cocktails, including do-it-yourself Bloody Mary and mimosa kits at brunch and traditional old-fashioned whiskey sour and premium tequila-infused fruit concoctions in the evenings.

"We saw a great opportunity to bring Toasted to life as Dallas is becoming a hub for gourmet, fast-casual eateries," Sinnott says. "We've strategically positioned our first location in the lowest Greenville/Ross corridor, the gateway to downtown Dallas."