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Dallas' ravioli kingpin adds take-out with Italian dinners ready to eat

Dallas ravioli kingpin adds take-out with Italian dinners ready to eat

This could be your dinner tonight. Civello's

Dallas' ravioli kingpin Civello's Raviolismo, noted for its fresh artisanal ravioli, is expanding its repertoire with a new offering that makes it easier and more convenient to enjoy their awesome Italian food.

The East Dallas shop has launched a take-out meal operation with dishes such as beef lasagna, beef ravioli, and spicy Italian sausage in a madeira cream sauce, all in single-serving packages, ready to be heated and consumed.

Since 1954, the store has always sold the raw materials — pasta sauces, manicotti, Italian sausage, meatballs, ravioli — both to the public and to restaurants, who represent about three quarters of their business.

For home customers, this required assembly and preparation. Owner Phil Civello was getting feedback that they wanted something already prepared.

"What we had in the past was frozen, where you'd have to thaw and heat it," he says. "We've gone ahead and done the cooking, sauced it, and made it more convenient. Not everyone wants to cook. And these are also good for workers who want to take something back to the office for lunch."

Today's offerings include meat ravioli and cheese ravioli, about 8 to 10 per serving; plus beef lasagna, eggplant lasagna, and black bean ravioli with red chili cream sauce.

"As we begin this, we're keeping about 4-5 varieties on hand," Civello says. "If it gets bigger, we'll add more selections."

He's also extended his hours later in the day: until 6 pm Monday-Friday and 4 pm on Saturday. "We're here in case someone needs to catch dinner," he says.