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New ramen restaurant slips into Arlington like a ninja

New ramen restaurant slips into Arlington like a ninja

Ninja Ramen
Ninja Ramen is opening in Arlington. Photo courtesy of Ninja Ramen

A Fort Worth sushi restaurant is tackling another important food group from Japan. Called Ninja Ramen, it comes from the owners of Ninja Sushi, which has branches in Arlington and Fort Worth. Ninja Ramen will open in south Arlington near I-20 and Cooper Street, and will specialize in ramen, which has been a recent hot local dining trend.

While Dallas and Fort Worth both have ramen restaurants, Ninja Ramen is the first to bring it to Arlington and the Mid-Cities. "Ramen is getting popular right now, and we saw there were no ramen places in Arlington," a spokesperson says.

The new restaurant will offer more than a dozen ramen varieties. Six traditional options include tonkotsu, spicy tonkotsu, garlic ramen in regular and spicy, and miso ramen in regular and spicy.

Seven special options include ramen with chicken; one that's spicy dry; and seafood ramen with shrimp, clam, and calamari.

There are two vegetable-centric versions. One is made with a pork-based broth but contains veggies only such as cabbage, carrot, bean sprout, sliced onion, diced green onion, and Brussels sprouts.

The other is vegetarian with a vegetarian broth, fried tofu, buttered corn, grape, tomato, brown mushroom, black mushroom, shitaki mushroom, avocado, spring mix, and yuzu. Sounds so good.

Ninja Ramen will not stop at the ramen trend. It's also doing poke and rice bowls, which gives it a trifecta of dining trends. The poke selection is extensive, combining seafood with various elements such as fruit and avocado.

Four rice bowls include beef, fried chicken, pork cutlet, and pork belly.

Owner Fay Cheng opened the first Ninja Sushi in Arlington in 2011, the Fort Worth branch followed in 2015. There is a crowd-pleasing buffet that's good for newbies and diners who want their sushi fast and easy. There's also hibachi foods and prototypical Japanese dishes such as tempura, dumplings, rice, and noodles. One signature is the chocolate fountain, with fruits and other items for dipping.

There are also plans in the works to open a branch in Dallas later in 2017.