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Burning rice is the thing at restaurant mini-chain colonizing Dallas suburbs

Burning rice is the thing at mini-chain colonizing Dallas suburbs

Burning Rice
You get your bibimbap fast, hot, and easy. Photo courtesy of Burning Rice

A new restaurant mini-chain colonizing the suburbs north of Dallas lays its focus on one of Korea's most likeable rice dishes. Called Burning Rice, it specializes in bibimbap, the comforting rice bowl topped with various cooked vegetables, protein, and sauce.

The first branch opened in The Colony in January, and a second will open in Frisco on May 19, in a new small shopping center alongside neighbors such as Dillas Quesadillas.

Burning Rice takes a Chipotle approach, with a clean modern decor and fast-casual service model where you choose your options and the dish is brought to your table when it's ready. The choices are extensive, beginning with four kinds of rice: steamed white, brown, veggie stirred rice, or stirred rice with kimchi, the signature Korean fermented cabbage.

There are eight meat-type items, including bulgogi (sliced brisket), spicy bulgogi, short rib, spicy pork, spicy chicken, and tofu. Yay tofu.

Other toppings include carrot, zucchini, spinach, mushrooms, fish cake, kimchi, and japchae, aka sweet potato noodles. The topper is generally a fried egg. They have a sauce bar where you can drizzle your favorite sauce or sauces yourself, such as teriyaki or spicy Korean.

One other option it gives you is your choice of vessel, either regular bowl or hot stone pot. The regular bowl is more convenient to eat from, but with the hot stone pot, the heat turns the bottom of the rice delectably crisp.

You can help yourself to salad and a bowl of soup, choice of miso or seaweed, and you get free slices of orange. It's the little things.