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Dallas healthy dessert shop chills the suburbs with frozen pops and bowls

Dallas healthy dessert shop chills the suburbs with frozen pops

Berrynaked ice pops
Berrynaked is expanding north. Photo courtesy of Berrynaked

After winning over healthy dessert fans in Dallas' Inwood Village, gourmet frozen-pop stand Berrynaked is taking it north with two new branches opening in Dallas' northern realms. The first branch will open on June 17 in Richardson. That will be a flagship location, with an expanded menu.

The second new location will open at Legacy Hall, the food hall at Legacy West in Plano, with a targeted date of September.

The Richardson location is at 326 W. Campbell Rd., in the Canyon Creek Shopping Center, just off of North Central Expressway, in the NE intersection of Campbell and Collins. It'll be the first to premiere a new Berrynaked product: a line of superfood-focused purée bowls.

"Our Richardson flagship store is a bit different than our Inwood location," says founder Heather Kim. "We are not only introducing a completely new product line, but also offering more of a cafe experience with often-requested table seating and sofas with free Wi-Fi.  We encourage any of our customers to enjoy a more relaxed environment, to study, to surf, to converse, and to participate."

The purée bowls are a fruit purèe-based snack or meal-replacement and are made-to-order, so customers can enjoy a customized creation with a selection of delicious ingredients and toppings.  The purée bowls are divided into two categories:

  • Soulful — Superfood focused bowl, with flavors like Pitaya (dragon fruit), açai, and matcha protein bowl topped with fresh fruits, and nutritious toppings such as hemp hearts, bee pollen, coconut shavings, goji berries, and cacao nibs.
  • Sinful — Dessert bowl featuring familiar flavors like Strawberry Creme, Cookies n’ Cream, and more adventurous concoctions like Hazelnut-butter Banana and Avocado Coconut presented in a waffle bowl with various sweet toppings and drizzles.

Berrynaked in Richardson will also feature its pops, all made with fresh, natural, and organic ingredients whenever possible. The gourmet pops come in a wide selection of flavors in four categories:

  • Signature — quintessential pop, with flavors like Prickly Pear Lemonade, Hibiscus Raspberry and Carrot Orange.
  • Luxe — flavors range from Chocolate (made scratch from organic cacao) and Strawberry Cream to vegan options such as Avocodo Coconut and Key Lime Coconut Cream.
  • Vitality — superfoods for the health nut, from Hydrate (made with coconut water with slices of seasonal fruit) to Green Power (kale, avocado, banana, and lime).
  • Crazy — from Cookies n’ Cream to Azuki Bean Mochi to Blueberry Cobbler with Piecrust.