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Sweet new cafe in West Dallas makes cookies and coffee to order

Sweet new cafe in West Dallas makes cookies and coffee to order

Dulcet Cafe
There's a new coffee in town. Photo courtesy of Dulcet

A new cafe doing pour-over coffee and cookies baked to order has opened in West Dallas. Called Dulcet Café & Bakery, it's the brainchild of Samantha Kang, who has done coffee shops in the past in coffee-centric cities such as Seattle and Chicago.

Dulcet opened at 320 Singleton Blvd. — across from the Trinity Groves incubator complex but not part of it — in mid-May, with specialty coffee drinks, pastries, and sandwiches for breakfast and lunch.

"I came to Dallas four years ago because of my job in construction management," Kang says. "I had a lot of experience with good coffee that I wanted to share."

Everything is made inhouse including the whipped cream, syrup, pastries, and cakes. 

"We have a very light hand with our pastries," she says. "American cakes are heavy and thick, but ours are super light. You get something sweet, but they don't overpower our coffees or teas."

Their signature coffee is a single-origin pour-over, and they grind coffee every time they make you a drink. They also do a gluten-free tiramisu.

Their menu of sandwiches is compact, but not run of the mill; at breakfast, for example, you can get an "omelet cheese bagel."

"It's a cheese omelet on bagel sandwich," she says. "We do five sandwiches and three salads, and then a daily special such as vegetarian rolls, like California rolls. We have an avocado and egg sandwich on a croissant, a BLT, and a spinach, egg, and veggie sandwich."

Lunch items include chicken salad sandwich, grilled chicken with veggies, a club sandwich, and smoked salmon and cucumber on a croissant. Also: muffin tops. "I love Seinfeld," she says by way of explanation.

Her goal is to make everything as close to order as possible so that it's fresh.

"We do these big old chocolate chip cookies, we do 10 in the morning, and then 10 at lunch," she says. "If you have two minutes, we'll make it for you to order. I don’t want things pre-made. I want to make it so that you get it hot. I grew up on old-fashioned hospitality, and the best thing about going to grandma's house was when they made fresh cookies for you."