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Plano food hall unfolds new bowls restaurant with curious name

Plano food hall unfolds new bowls restaurant with curious name

Tight Quarters bowl
Chef bowls are coming soon. Photo courtesy of Tight Quarters

There's a new restaurant coming to Legacy Hall, the food hall in Plano, that'll serve up healthy bowls, which have become so buzzy these days.

It has an interesting name — Tight Quarters — and an even more-interesting creator: name-brand chef Tim Byres.

Byres is known for doing food like fried chicken (Chicken Scratch) and smoked meat (Smoke); he's also the author of a 2014 cookbook called Smoke: New Firewood Cooking, which won a James Beard Award.

For this meat-centric chef, healthy bowls definitely represent a departure.

According to a release, Tight Quarters — which, I'm sorry, really sounds more like a T-shirt shop, or am I wrong here — will be located on the first floor of Legacy Hall, between Bavazo Peruvian Rotisserie and Blist'r Naan Wraps. It'll open June 25.

Menu items run from $11-$13 and include: a vegetarian bowl with poached egg, cauliflower cashew grits, charred shallots, pickled celery, lemon, and baby kale; a beef and spicy quinoa salad with pickled veggies, olives, radish, and baby greens; and salmon and zucchini noodles, with tomato broth and arugula.

There's also a menu of "vitamin packed" drinks still to come.

The release offers this colorful description of the new concept:

"Tight Quarters will be a small, no frills, rock n’ roll way of better living. At Tight Quarters guests won't have to compromise between a flavorful, filling meal and a nutritious experience. The power bowls at Tight Quarters will be bursting with flavor and natural ingredients that will have both attitude and style. These bowls will not only be the better choice, they will be your first choice."

Byres' statement is equally vivid:

"After spending 25 years in a level 10 stress environment — the restaurant industry — I started to look for ways to add balance to my life," he says in the release.

"I believe that finding balance is something that a lot of people desire, so I wanted to offer a fast, easy and wholesome dining experience that would allow guests to find equilibrium between a busy life and a better-for-you life," he says. "It's about living your best life, at the age you are; the best you right now, without compromise or counting calories. A good life is about making better choices if it looks and feels good, and not holding yourself back with a rigid diet. Eat better, act natural, be alive."

So yeah, go bowls.

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