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Indian street food concept comes to Dallas with a real thing for eggs

Indian street food concept comes to Dallas with a real thing for eggs

chicken sando sandwich
They also do cute "sandos." EggHolic

A new restaurant concept is coming to Dallas with what is definitely a unique twist on eggs. Called EggHolic, it's a tiny chain with just three locations in the Chicago area that hopes to introduce us to a new style of Indian street food.

They'll open their first DFW location in Irving, at 7750 N. MacArthur Blvd., #135, in a shopping center next to a Mi Cocina. They're taking a space that used to be home to Bombay Chopstix, a Chinese-Indian fusion spot that was there for a decade before closing in late 2019.

According to a release, they'll open in the fall.

Founded in Chicago three years ago, EggHolic specializes in authentic, Indian-style egg dishes as well as a variety of Indian street foods designed to evoke the lahris (street cart) found in India. There are egg-based appetizers, rice, curries, and sandwiches, with a large selection of vegetarian options. In fact, their only "meat" is halal chicken.

Founders Bhagyesh Patel and Lay Patel emphasize that this is not a breakfast place and their menu goes far beyond your basic omelet and scrambled eggs.

"Whether you are looking for eggs cooked in different forms with yummy gravies, a variety of sandwiches, flavorful rice, or chaat, we’ve got it," they say.

Signature dishes include:

  • Amdavadi touch - a sandwich made with a filling of mashed potatoes, veggies, and Indian sauces, how cool is that
  • Surti gotalo - a casserole of sorts with shredded hard boiled eggs in a spicy mixture, topped with two sunny-side eggs
  • Chicken masala sandwich - a hip combo of the classic Indian chicken masala fused with the current trendy fried chicken sandwich

Street style snacks include the Desi omelet, with tomato, onion, and chiles; and Egg Bhurji - scrambled eggs with veggies and spices. Lapeti is a burrito made of a semi-cooked omelet and stuffed with shredded eggs and cheese.

But in addition to eggy dishes such as French toast or two boiled eggs with spices and cheese, the menu also includes curries, rice dishes, and traditional Indian options such as samosas, fried dumplings filled with spicy potatoes and peas; and Bhel, puffed rice with crispy wafers, chickpeas, potato, and onion.

There are adorable sandwiches neatly trimmed in the Japanese sando style such as the Veg Cheese Grill with tomato, cucumber, onion, potato, bell pepper, and Indian spices; and Chocolate-cheese sandwich, which they say is kid-friendly, but why should kids be the only ones?

There is also a Halal-Guys type chicken-and-rice category with various Indian-spiced combinations of chicken and rice.

Texas is not the only state on their radar; their expansion plans include Nashville and Louisville, Kentucky, as well.