Restaurant Closure

Ambitious grill restaurant in chichi North Dallas neighborhood closes

Ambitious grill restaurant in chichi North Dallas neighborhood closes

Pimento burger at Preston Hollow Grill in Dallas
Do not lust after this burger, because you can no longer have it. Sorry, that's just how it has to be. Preston Hollow Grill/Facebook

A neighborhood restaurant in the thick of chichi Preston Hollow has closed. Preston Hollow Grill, which opened in 2015 in the space long occupied by Balls Hamburgers, quietly shut down the last week of June.

The restaurant's management did not respond to a request for comment, but a former employee who asked not to be named confirmed that the restaurant closed without notice on June 27. The restaurant has also been marked "offline" on Open Table and will no longer allow reservations.

A chef at a nearby restaurant said that he'd received a sudden infusion of calls from cooks at the restaurant who were newly unemployed. "The expectations of that neighborhood are difficult," he says.

Preston Hollow Grill opened in 2015 with a menu and team whose credentials included Neighborhood Services and Nick & Sam's.

The menu featured dishes such as hummus, tuna Niçoise, watermelon and radish salad, and burgers with fries.

"We want the food to speak for itself," said opening manager Jason Morgan. "We just want to make sure it tastes good, and that you can eat at this restaurant for lunch and dinner."

Like many restaurants, it aimed for the same kind of mid-range consistency and excellence as Houston's, a goal that few seem able to achieve.

But the restaurant endured repeated turnover among managers and chefs. And supplanting Balls Hamburger was a challenge; the restaurant had been in business at the corner of Northwest Highway and Midway since 1987.