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Dallas' Bishop Arts neighborhood squeezes out juicy new vegan-ish cafe

Dallas' Bishop Arts neighborhood squeezes out juicy new vegan-ish cafe

Tribal Juice
Tribal Juice is getting its own cafe. Photo courtesy of Tribal

A Dallas-based company that started out in the juice world is opening a new cafe. Tribal will open its first location in Bishop Arts, in a new development south of Eighth Street at 263 N. Bishop Ave.

Tribal comes from Hailey Nutt and Brenton Phillips, who've had success with their line of cold-pressed, organic juices, found in stores across Dallas-Fort Worth, including Central Market and at local farmers markets.

"But this cafe fulfills a goal we've had to have a community gathering spot where people can share experiences over great quality food," Nutt says.

The name is not only a reference to the idea of finding your community, but also to the owners' native American heritage.

"I am Chickasaw, our company is Native American owned, and Brenton and myself spoke at the American Indian chamber of commerce gathering last year," Nutt says. "We are very involved with the Tribes."

They're going into the development from Exxir Capital, at the corner of Bishop Avenue and Melba Street, which will expand the district a full city block south of businesses such as Lucia and Emporium Pies.

Their menu will include smoothies, wraps, and bowls. There'll also be a full bar with cocktails that incorporate their juices.

"We'll be stressing local ingredients," Nutt says. "One sandwich is called the Green Goddess, it'll be stacked high with all the green veggies you can think of, plus hummus and sprouts. We'll have a board with house-made hummus and pesto. We'll be doing a lot of great bowls."

Nutt's background includes training as a raw food chef. "But I hesitate to say that this is a raw cafe or a vegan cafe," she says. "While a lot of those attributes will be involved, it will not be centered around that. There'll be something for everyone. We'll have some local cheeses and eggs from a farmer in Fort Worth. It'll be whole, nutrient-dense food, with a colorful, flavorful menu that anyone can enjoy."

The target opening is in September, and they'll continue to do the juices at farmers markets. "But the cafe is where our heart is," Nutt says. "We've made such wonderful connections with people from the markets. There's been so much growth in the past two years, and that's happened organically, with more and more local businesses and farmers. We're part of a whole community."