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New Apothecary bar debuts avant-garde cocktails on Greenville Ave Dallas

New Apothecary bar debuts avant-garde cocktails on Greenville Ave

Is this an entry-level cocktail or is it next level? Courtesy of Apothecary

There's a new bar on Dallas' Greenville Avenue with some Collin County cred: Called Apothecary, it's a spinoff of Rye, a restaurant-cocktail bar in McKinney, and it opened July 7 in the former Wah Wah Room space at 1922 Greenville Ave.

A release calls Apothecary an "avant-garde cocktail lounge with ultra-inventive tipples." I mean, that is some Grade-A release writing.

The goal is to provide a drinking experience unlike any other, pushing the envelope on daring cocktail creations, new techniques, and creative presentation.

It also has a theme, which is always fun with a bar.

"Apothecaries are the source from which bartending and cocktails evolved," says owner Tanner Agar. "We have a team deeply passionate about exploring new flavors and combinations. Like the apothecaries of the past, our team’s exploration and deep research still exposes new possibilities, and we wanted to reflect the connection to the past and the present in our name."

The cocktail menu is divided into three categories, each with an increasing level of complicated construction and ingredients:

Over the Counter features entry-level cocktails such as the Only Fans made with reposado tequila, passionfruit, lemon, and Cassis caviar; and High Horse, with Ironroot bourbon, Rittenhouse Rye, malted barley, toasted oat syrup, and smoking hay.

The Prescription menu is one level up, with options such as the Octopus' Garden with tequila, liquid nitrogen muddled mint-basil-sage, oleo, peated scotch, ink, and charred octopus; Chanel No. 5 with yaupon gin, dry vermouth, jasmine, orange blossom and sandalwood perfume; and Pekin Tom made with stellum bourbon, lapsang tea-infused peach liqueur, absinthe and peach smoke.

Illicit Elixirs features yet more adventurous selections such s the Orange Julius Caesar made with shochu, clarified orange, clarified tomato stock, clam essence, Greek yogurt, and orange pickled onions; Cacio e Pepe with grana padano gin, lemon, cream, pink & black peppercorns, egg white and soda; and the R-Oaxaca-Fort with blue cheese-washed mezcal, house mole liqueur and bitters topped with a white chocolate cricket.

The food menu features small plates such as:

  • Gimlet Ceviche with Texas redfish, gin and lime marinade, and lime cordial fluid
  • Oyster Not Oyster, a vegan option with brined oyster mushroom in an edible shell, candied fresno, brine foam and chive
  • Green Eggs and Jamón with Iberico serrano jamón, wasabi tobiko, cognac-shallot aioli, house sourdough, english muffin and micro greens.

There is also luxurious Caviar Service, and an elaborate dessert called the Candelabra, a set of three edible candles in three flavors: Angostura Bitter Chocolate, Piña Colada, and Clover Club — a classic cocktail made of gin, raspberry and lemon.

Apothecary is an intimate lounge with seating for 40 inside. The space has been transformed into a dark, moody cocktail bar with peacock wallpaper, custom velvet seating, natural wood tones, and decorative items culled from estate sales by designer Valerie Eckert.

A specialized bartop was fabricated by Nate Saez and Grace Tudor at Rad Figure.

For now, Apothecary is open Wednesday-Sunday 5 pm-12 am, with reservations available only from 5-6:30 pm.