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Dallas' West Village nets new Namo sushi bar from poke player

Dallas' West Village nets new Namo sushi bar from poke player

sushi hand roll
Here is a photo of a hand roll. Photo courtesy of Namo

There's a new sushi restaurant at Dallas' West Village opening late summer, from Brandon Cohanim, owner-founder of Pōk the Raw Bar.

Called Namo, it's a hand roll sushi bar going into the former Kendra Scott spot, at 3699 McKinney Ave. #305, with a 20-seat walk-in bar that serves as the center of the concept. The menu includes hand rolls and sashimi.

Hand rolls contain the ingredients of sushi but are loosely rolled, sometimes into a cone shape. They're an up-and-coming thing that focus on the ingredients — "it's about the simplicity of the seaweed, rice, and fish," Cohanim says.

Cohanim is the wunderkind and SMU undergrad who opened Pok in the former Union Bear space at West Village in early 2017 — on the early side of a wave of poke restaurants that has yet to ebb. So much ocean imagery there, how about a few claps.

The menu will be compact — just 12 items — that rotate regularly. They can be ordered a la carte for $4-$7.50 or in groupings of 3-6 items.

They'll do a separate special to-go option with bento boxes containing up to four cut rolls and sashimi.

Namo will specialize in beverages on tap, including beer, wine, sake, and a nitro cold brew tea — just like nitro coffee, in which nitrogen is injected to instill a creamy texture — except for tea.

The restaurant's design will feature an exterior made from Japanese sugi wood, which is cedar that's been charred; and a resin-topped bar with accents of hot-rolled steel.