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One of Dallas' few true New York delis stacks up new location in Frisco

One of Dallas' few true New York delis stacks up location in Frisco

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Sandwiches stacked tall with sliced meat. Photo courtesy of Deli News

One of the restaurant categories that Dallas sorely lacks is delis, and so praise goes to Deli News, the North Dallas deli which after many years is opening a second location.

The new spinoff will open in a shopping center in Frisco at 3685 Preston Rd., at the intersection of Warren Parkway. It'll take a space that was previously home to a place called Last Chance Grill, and was also once a Salad Stop. The same center has a Lifetime Fitness, Spring Creek Barbecue, and a Schlotzky's.

A gruff spokesman for the restaurant, which is the only kind for Deli News, confirmed that the location would be opening in late summer. "We weren't looking for a space, but we weren't ruling out," he said.

He also said that the new location will have the same basic menu of stacked-tall pastrami and corned beef sandwiches, knockwurst, and patty melts.

Dallas does have some semi-delis such as the Jason's Deli chain and the smaller Cindi's NY Deli chain, which takes a decent stab at deli food in some menu items.

The city's most famous deli was the penultimate Gilbert's, a full-on New York-style deli which closed in the early 2000s. Jewish delis have been closing across the country "in droves."

Deli-News is a survivor.

It first opened in North Dallas in 1987, then relocated to its current spot at Preston and Campbell in 2004. The owners did spinoffs at the Crescent Court in Uptown in 1992, and then later with Deli-News Too, which they opened in 2005 at LBJ and Preston Road. Neither survived.

The LBJ location was taken over by another deli called Ed's Deli, which closed in 2008; followed by still another called Roaster's NY Deli; followed by another called Gio's Cafe and New York Deli. It's currently home to Maple Leaf Diner.

Deli-News' menu ranges from blintzes to potato pancakes to poppyseed strudel to New York bagels and lox. It has all the old-school breads like kaiser rolls, onion rolls, and rye bread.

Sandwiches are the thing, from liverwurst and bologna, from salami to pastrami, from brisket to a Brooklyn-style patty melt with melted white American cheese and sauteed onions, served on rye.