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Addison restaurant and hookah lounge fuses Eastern and Indian cuisines

Addison restaurant and hookah lounge fuses Eastern and Indian cuisines

How about some hookah. Photo courtesy of Taverna Yamas

Hookah is in the house at The Bungalow, a new restaurant and lounge opening in Addison next door to Rio Bravo Mexican at 14905 Midway Rd.

This location was once home to Skewers Kabob House, and The Bungalow will definitely have some skewers on its menu. But there's more to it than kebabs, says owner Zohair Kabani.

"What we're trying to do that Addison hasn't seen is combine Middle Eastern and Indian fusion cuisines," he says. "We're going to to do traditional Middle Eastern, mixed with Indian and Pakistani food, combining numerous flavors in the same dishes. We're also going to strive to be healthy. You don't see that."

Kabani is a young entrepreneur who juggles a corporate banking career with a freelance photography business. He moved here with family from California seven years ago.

"I helped my father move to Texas for business, and decided to move here," he says. "This has always been a dream of mine to open a place like this."

They're aiming for a late September/early October opening and meanwhile are in the fun part of finalizing the menu.

He knows they'll have shawarma plates, a Middle Eastern specialty, often with meat, rice, and a sauce. But even those will have a fusion twist.

"Well make the rice with Middle Easter spices, and make the kebabs with Pakistani flavors," he says. "Mixing the cuisines together on the same plate."

He describes one Pakistani chicken dish they'll do as being full of spices, with ingredients marinated overnight and cooked the next day. "It's like something between traditional Indian butter chicken and the Thai dish called panang curry," he says.

At 5,200 square feet, they'll have room for a hookah lounge, plus two patios, and seating for groups as well as solo diners. They'll have cocktails and a unique wine list, but also an espresso machine.

"Even though we are doing hookah, you can bring your kids and have fun," he says. "Or say you just want to get out and sit in a place and have a cup of coffee, or a glass of wine. We just want to bring people together."