Deep Ellum Closure

Deep Ellum restaurant Filament closes with a family-style bang

Deep Ellum restaurant Filament closes with a family-style bang

FT33 Chef Matt McCallister, Filament
Today is your last chance for brunch at Filament. Photo by Rhi Lee

If you loved the brunch at Filament Dallas, then today is your last chance: The Deep Ellum restaurant will close for good on August 13. A staffer says that the restaurant is closing "for a variety of reasons," but mostly due to the fact that there hasn't been much business lately.

"We're a big place, and it's hard to keep it full," she says.

The restaurant opened in early 2016 as the more casual concept from chef Matt McCallister, who'd already covered fine-dining at his fancier FT33 in Dallas' Design District. But Filament had an inconsistent tenure, with chef Cody Sharp leaving only a few months after opening, and other chefs cycling in and out.

McCallister tells SidDish that it was a "big mistake" not to cater to the Deep Ellum crowd, also recently changed the profile of FT33 into a different model with a four-course prix fixe.

Filament will stay open most of the day on Sunday with a skeleton staff, mostly management, and will close depending on how the day goes. "For dinner, we're thinking of doing a family-style all-you-can-eat and just close when the food runs out," the spokesperson says.