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Denton restaurateurs open new rooftop spot overlooking downtown square

Denton restaurateurs open new rooftop spot overlooking downtown square

Denton Square
The Sunago Bell will have epic views. Photo courtesy of Denton Main St Association

Denton's biggest restaurant group is opening another concept, this one on the top floor of the Wells Fargo building in downtown Denton. Called The Sunago Bell, it comes from the Radical Hospitality Group, owners and operators of such restaurants as LSA Burger Co. and Barley & Board in Denton, as well as Earl’s 377 Pizza and Bumbershoot Barbecue in Argyle.

RHG partners John "Sparky" Pearson, Earl Herrington, and Steve Watkins have signed a lease for the eighth floor of the building, which is located at 101 S. Locust St. Building owner Jack Bell, of Jack Bell Property Management, calls it a one-of-a-kind location.

"101 South Locust is one of those rare buildings that has earned itself a spot as a Denton icon," Bell says in a release. "I was originally drawn to this property with business dealings over the last dozen years as well as its one-of-a-kind location."

The building started out as First State Bank of Texas, which was based in Denton. Wells Fargo acquired the company in 2001. It was originally three stories tall, but five more floors were added in the '70s. It's a modest tan rectangle whose main asset is its location kitty-corner to Denton's Downtown Square.

The Sunago Bell is not exactly a name that trips off one's tongue. "Hey, let's grab a bite at The Sunago Bell." But according to a spokesman, "sunago" is the Greek word for gathering place. At the very least, it is more distinctive than names like "Market and Table" or "The Fish." Have you ever tried to Google The Fish? This job is so harrrd.

Currently under construction, The Sunago Bell will take up the entire eighth floor, providing unrestricted views to the north, east, and west. It has 5,500 square feet and will seat approximately 150 guests.

One cool feature they're adding is an elevator solely for use by patrons and restaurant staff. It'll be built on the east side of the building, providing guests with an exclusive entryway to what is promised to be the best view in downtown Denton.

There's no menu available yet, but the restaurant is expected to have Mediterranean-coastal influences, with a focus on seafood and inspiration from the cuisines in Spain, Italy, and France.

Pearson says he's very excited about the new concept. "Through this new venture, we will be introducing a new culinary adventure with a keen eye on design modeled with a concept that leverages the strengths of every member on our team," he says.