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Rahr and Lakewood Brewing collaborate on beer but the name's a mouthful

North Texas brewers collaborate on beer but the name's a mouthful

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For the first time ever in the history of North Texas craft beer, two local breweries have come together to collaborate on a beer release. The brewers? Rahr & Sons of Fort Worth and Lakewood Brewing Company of Garland. The beer? A special limited-edition Belgian-inspired dubbel ale that combines their unique styles.

The name? DFW: A Collaboration of Two Breweries.

Come again?

Are all the good beer names taken? Because "DFW: A Collaboration of Two Breweries" does not roll off the tongue. "DFW: A Collaboration of Two Breweries" is unwieldy. Imagine yourself walking up to a local retailer or craft-beer dispenser and saying, "Hello, I'll have a pint of the DFW: A Collaboration of Two Breweries."

"DFW: A Collaboration of Two Breweries" is possibly the least imaginative name ever applied to a beer. "DFW: A Collaboration of Two Breweries" says, "I couldn't be bothered to spend even 15 seconds devising some kind of nominally clever, pull-it-out-of-my-hat nickname."

Belgian dubbels are nice malty beers that balance sweetness with bitterness. This one has an ABV of 6.4 percent, which is drinker-friendly and not overwhelming. Rahr's Fritz Rahr contributed a blend of German malts, while Lakewood's Wim Bens, a native of Belgium, added Belgian yeast and candi sugar. The result is a malty and sweet Belgian-style ale for easy drinking.

How about, "The Collaboration"? Or "Lake-Rahr"? What about "The Wimser" or "The Fritzer"?

Bens, Lakewood's owner and founder, began his brewing career at Rahr & Sons. "I’m very excited to team up with Rahr & Sons to create a beer that showcases the heritage of both our breweries," said Bens in a release.
A spokeswoman said that they would probably shorten the name to "DFW." It will debut in late October, when it will be on tap at various venues during North Texas Beer Week (October 31-November 9) and at retailers in 22-ounce bottles.