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Beloved West Dallas Taquero taqueria finds high-profile new location

Beloved West Dallas Taquero taqueria finds high-profile new location

The food is authentic and upscale. Yelp

A well-liked West Dallas taqueria known for stellar tacos and culinary prowess has found a high-profile new location. Taquero, which left Singleton Boulevard in December after three years, has taken over the space on Ross Avenue previously occupied by Pints & Quarts.

Owners Victor Rico and Fino Rodriguez confirmed that the restaurant has taken possession of the space at 5434 Ross Ave. Construction is underway with an opening scheduled for the fall.

Taquero earned the admiration of taco fans and foodies alike, with its combination of authentic flavors and upscale ingredients.

The menu includes classics such as pastor, carnitas, and lengua, but always with an ambitious twist.

Taco options include rib eye steak with tomato, red onion, avocado slices, and Mexican chimichurri; tripe with chorizo, onion, cilantro, and oregano; and a mixed veggie taco with queso Oaxaca.

They also do ceviche, torta sandwiches, and unusual, upscale sides and salads such as Mexican grits with Cotija cheese; Mexican Brussels sprouts with pineapple, hibiscus, and salsa; and a kale salad with raisins, peanuts, and red cabbage in a lemon vinaigrette.

A cool signature is their complimentary frijoles served in charming ceramic mugs. There are good-looking desserts such pineapple cake and coconut cake.

Their food earned them raves from fans who called them amazing and most successful at recreating the cosmopolitan flavors of Mexico City.

The Singleton location, which became home in May to another taqueria called Frida's Tacos, consisted of seating entirely outdoors. This gives Taquero good experience for the space on Ross Avenue, where the seating consists mostly of outdoor patio. But the space also has a dining room indoors.

This is not a location that would work for just anyone. Situated on the corner of Ross and Greenville Avenue, it was a tire shop for many years, right in the thick of the Lower Greenville action.

When restaurateur Brooke Humphries snagged it for her fun hot dog joint in 2015, getting the space seemed like a coup. She fashioned it as a period-correct 1950s gas-station burger stand, with a great patio. But it did not draw customers and Humphries closed it in 2019.

Taquero's audience is more accustomed to a restaurant with outdoor seating.

The owners are also accustomed to adversity. As Rico told the Dallas Observer, "when we opened Taquero, many people didn't believe that we were going to make it because of the area, but against all odds, we did."