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Downtown Dallas food hall adds cereal ice cream and pizza by the slice

Downtown Dallas food hall adds cereal ice cream and pizza by the slice

Saturday Morning Ice Cream
It's like eating an ice cream version of your cereal. Photo by Kathy Tran

The Exchange at the AT&T Discovery District in downtown Dallas has added two more food options in the key categories of pizza and ice cream.

According to a release, the two new stands at the food hall include:

Zalat Slices, a pizza-by-the-slice stand from Zalat Pizza.

Options include:

  • Cheese, Pepperoni, Veggie – marinara, cheese, bell peppers and red onions
  • Pepperoni Masterclass – all-beef pepperoni, oregano, cracked black pepper with crushed garlic

This is the first by-the-slice concept from the Zalat brand.

Saturday Morning Ice Cream, a nostalgic ice cream concept that the release says will take you back to Saturday mornings watching cartoons over a bowl of cereal.

Their ice cream combinations include:

  • Elmer Fudge – chocolate banana soft serve, double chocolate ice cream sandwich, Steens cane syrup, magic
  • Pebbles & Bam Bam – Tutti Fruity soft serve, Dude Sweet strawberry sauce, fruit loops, strawberry pocky, magic
  • Thunder Cat – coffee cake soft serve, streusel, Full City Rooster coffee brown butter glaze

These two new food stands/kiosks/what-have-you are now open at The Exchange in addition to the 10 other eateries currently open.