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New fresh-focused Lakewood restaurant wraps up opening date

New fresh-focused Lakewood restaurant wraps up opening date

Unleavened Fresh Kitchen lets you wrap things up. Photo courtesy of Unleavened

Wrap-and-salad spot Unleavened Fresh Kitchen, opening in the center of Lakewood, has a date: September 22. This upscale fast-casual restaurant, focusing on wraps and salads, is the first restaurant concept from young owners Tom Dynan, 32, and Scott Piland, 31.

The basis of the menu is that, no matter what you want to eat, it can come in a wrap or a salad. Options include chicken salad with raisins, celery, chia, lettuce, carrot, sprouts, and tomato; and fried chicken with bacon, lettuce, tomato, carrot, green onion, Boursin spread, and ranch dressing.

The wraps are made with tortillas by Dallas-based Luna's Tortillas. "The name Unleavened came from this — a bread that is flat and made without leavening agents," Dynan says.

Breakfast options include one with egg and bacon, and another with egg and veggie sausage, available in wrap form or in a bowl, on potato hash. A la carte breakfast items include granola, quinoa porridge, acai bowl, and split grapefruit brulee.

Dips, such as hummus and roasted eggplant are a thing here, served with chips or raw vegetables.

They'll also serve beer and wine.

Design by Mitchell Garman Architects includes steel, concrete, wood, and glass. Various seating options include a wood slat "pavilion" with counter-height tables in the center; a front window-seat to monitor who is coming and going, and wooden booths along the windows. The original wood roof trusses have been exposed, as is the original interior brick wall. A patio extends from the entry under a nearby shade tree, creating a café-like atmosphere. Oui oui!