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Dallas-based avocado group hosts class with avocado tips and tricks

Dallas-based avocado group hosts class with avocado tips and tricks

They don't weigh in on the "peel vs. scoop" debate. Avocados From Mexico

A Dallas-based organization that advocates for avocados has launched a new educational program designed to cover all your avocado basics.

Launched by Avocados From Mexico, it's called the Avo University, and is an educational guide and certification program designed specifically for retail and foodservice professionals.

Those would include: produce store associates, wholesalers, grocery e-commerce professionals, foodservice operators, and distributors.

The program is online, free, easily accessible, and takes about half an hour.

While it's designed for industry professionals, who's to say that you may or may not have plans to become an industry professional in the near future?

You can register at Enter your contact information, where you work, and what field that falls under. Whatever you enter, it is not for us to say.

There are no specific dates, the program is available now.

A release says that the class could make industry professionals more confident on these avocado topics:

  • information on blooms
  • how to receive and store avocados
  • sizing
  • ripening
  • proper temperature levels
  • merchandising strategies

A 2016 study conducted by AFM revealed that 73 percent of shoppers would be more likely to buy avocados if they had more knowledge about them.

The curriculum also promises to help dispel common misperceptions about avocados. What would be some common misperceptions about avocados? Maybe people are mistaking them for eggplants. Or maybe avocados come off as grumpy because they have a nubby peel when they're really very pleasant inside. Maybe people think avocados have hallucinogenic properties. Unfortunately, you cannot get high on avocados.

If you notice, they do not weigh in whether you should peel or scoop. "Peel vs. scoop" is a controversial topic. Some people think peeling is too hard and scoop their avocados with a spoon, even though you waste a bit of the good green part right on the edge. If you're in the know, you know that peeling an avocado is a breeze and the more righteous approach.

In a statement, Avocados From Mexico culinary director David Spirito says that "the many tips, tricks, and techniques available at Avo University make the category easy and fun to master."

The tips and tricks are why we are here. They include:

  • The five stages of avocado ripeness and the best menu uses for each, so no avocados go wasted
  • Methods for bulk avocado prep and ripening
  • Avocado handling tips and tricks to maximize restaurant back-of-house techniques
  • Holding methods to keep avocado halves, slices, dices or guac perfectly green throughout service

"We look forward to helping foodservice professionals expand their avocado knowledge and impress their guests as a result," Spirito says.