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Sandwiches and pizza make this Dallas restaurant news extra tasty

Sandwiches and pizza make this Dallas restaurant news extra tasty

Nick Badovinus fried chicken
Are you able to see this fried chicken sandwich from chef Nick Badovinus? Is it big enough? Courtesy photo

This roundup of Dallas restaurant news comes loaded with sandwiches and pizza. Many sandwiches, much pizza, and some pizzas that are actually topped with sandwiches. What a concept.

There is also a heroic reopening, and some chef doin's. Here's what's happening in Dallas dining news:

Fish & Fizz, the Richardson seafood restaurant that closed when its owner caught the dreaded virus, has reopened. "I'm delighted to say that I have now tested negative for Covid-19 after quarantine," said owner Nick Barclay in an email to customers. "I’m also happy to report that no other team members tested positive, just me." They've had the restaurant COVID-cleaned and are ready to dole out their crunchy fish n chips, continuing with takeout only or delivery via Doordash and UberEats for the immediate future.

Fajita Monster is a new pop-up from chef Nick Badovinus with chicken, steak, or shrimp asada fajitas, combination options also available, plus La Nortena flour tortillas, caramelized onions and peppers a la plancha, rice, black charros, slaw, verde fresca, lime crèma, charred salsa, and sea-salted corn chips. The pop-up also offers a Chile Con Carne Frito Pie, Tortilla Salad, margaritas, and more. Fajita Monster is available for pickup or delivery only at Neighborhood Services in Addison Tuesday–Sunday from 4:30–9 pm. Call 972-789-9639 or order online.

Solid Gold Fried Chicken is a new pop-up from chef Nick Badovinus featuring fried chicken in a half or whole bird with gravy, the Bigg Biscuit with chicken, shaved ham, swiss cheese and honey mustard, and the Popcorn Picnic Salad with chicken nuggets, romaine, corn, tomato, shaved ham, cheddar, and buttermilk-herb or honey mustard. They also have Arnold Palmer pints straight up or spiked with sweet tea vodka. It's available for pickup or delivery only at Montlake Cut, Tuesday–Sunday from 4:30–9 pm. Order online or call 214-739-8220.

Fireside Pies hired chef Stephan Pyles to launch a new Pyles sub-menu at all locations. Dishes include:

  • smoked tomato gazpacho
  • shrimp ceviche
  • Piselli Salad – English green peas with bacon lardons, fontina, prosciutto, and herbed crostini.
  • Chipotle Short Ribs with Pappardelle Noodles
  • Salmon with Butternut Squash Polenta – Served with butternut squash-mascarpone and fennel-hazelnut salad. (Available for dine-only.)
  • Cauliflower Crust Pizza – Available for purchase on any Fireside Pie
  • Oaxacan Clayuda – Large flour tortilla with black beans, queso fresco, and avocado.
  • Vietnamese Pizza – Crispy rice paper topped with sausage, caramelized onions, and chile aioli.
  • Chicken Crust Pizza – Keto chicken pizza crust topped with your choice of ingredients.
  • Chocolate Bacon Bourbon Cake

Hopdoddy Burger Bar, the burger and beer joint, launched an exclusive partnership with Certified Piedmontese, a heritage beef brand they say comes from cattle that are humanely raised on family ranches across Midwestern United States that is all-natural, hormone-, steroid- and antibiotic-free and non-GMO.

Spiral Diner has introduced new Blue Plate Specials from now until September 30: Chili Dog, Nacho Dog, Kimchi Dog, Hot Dog Chili, and Frito Pie.

Easy Slider has introduced a new slider available from now until September 30: a chicken fried steak slider topped with mashed potatoes & classic brown gravy.

Taco Cabana has introduced is first-ever torta: The first one is a Mango-Habanero Pulled Pork Torta. For the first time in the company's 42-year history, Taco Cabana is introducing a Torta platform. It's $5.29, or $7.29 for a plate with rice and beans. Mango-Habanero Pulled Pork is also available in a taco for $2.29 a la carte or $6.99 for a plate, or a cabana bowl for $5.99.

Coolgreens has a warm new sandwich for the fall: Ham and Jam, a sandwich on a ciabatta bun with sliced ham, shredded Mozzarella cheese, arugula, and blueberry pepper jam. A kids' version is the PB & J, a ciabatta bun or rye bread sandwich with peanut butter and blueberry jam. They're available through November 15.

Domino's Pizza just released two new pizzas flavors, their first in eight years, both designed with delivery solutions for the COVID-19 era in mind. Both will be available for a limited time at $11.99 for a large.

  • Cheeseburger pizza is topped with ketchup-mustard sauce, American cheese, beef, onions, diced tomatoes, shredded provolone, and cheddar cheese
  • Chicken taco pizza is topped with American cheese, taco seasoning, grilled chicken, onions, green peppers, diced tomatoes, provolone cheese, and cheddar cheese. 

Pizza Hut introduced a new value-packed Double It Box with two medium-sized, one-topping pizzas in one box for $12.99. They say this is useful whether you're trying to please a group of picky kids, a partner, roommates or in-laws. Can't you do that just by ordering two medium-sized pizzas in their own boxes? Confusing.

Red Lobster has a new "DEW Garita," the first official MTN DEW cocktail. Unfortunately they say it's made using a top-secret recipe, so there's no telling what's in this drink. It's an ungodly green, and there's a lime in the background, and it does say "Garita," which makes one wonder if it's Mountain Dew, tequila, and lime. It'll roll out in stages and be available nationwide by the end of 2020.