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Dallas seeks food purveyors who will do healthy meals for city events

Dallas seeks food purveyors who will do healthy meals for city events

The Produce Truck
Probably wanna have produce on the menu. Photo by Beckley Photo

The City of Dallas is pursuing more healthy eating in an official way. As part of its commitment to increase access to local and healthy food, the city is launching a pilot program to provide fresh options at city-sponsored events.

It's a program called Sustainable Meals for City-Sponsored Events, which itself is part of a Comprehensive Environmental and Climate Action Plan which was unanimously approved by the Dallas City Council in May 2020.

The action plan outlines steps Dallas can take to improve quality of life, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, prepare for the impacts of climate change, and create a healthier and more prosperous community.

In the Sustainable Meals for City-Sponsored Events program, the city wants to partner with local restaurants, producers, and caterers, and is requesting proposals from potential vendors for this partnership.

"The City of Dallas is committed to providing sustainable and healthful food options and wants to set an example and encourage innovation by using its purchasing power to encourage sustainable food production and preparation," says Council member Paula Blackmon, who represents District 9. "By partnering with local businesses to offer healthy food options, we hope to support local businesses and encourage them to expand their offerings to the wider community."

All city departments have the option to participate in the program to provide healthy food options during their events – from small meetings of three to five people to large gatherings.

The deadline for businesses to submit a proposal is October 22 at 1 pm.

As part of the application, businesses must submit a menu for boxed, catered, and group meals.

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