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Japanese meat palace on Dallas' Greenville Ave spins off new outdoor bar

Japanese meat palace on Dallas' Greenville Ave spins new outdoor bar

Niku Bar
Will there be meat? Oh yes there will. Manpuku

There's a new outdoor bar open on Greenville Avenue. Called The Niku Bar, it's a spinoff of Manpuku, the interactive Japanese yakiniku grill, and according to a release is set to open on October 7.

The release describes it as a cozy outdoor space surrounded by greenery-flanked walls, with seating for 59 and a private room with sofa seating.

This new designated outdoor dining area will serve a unique blend of Japanese and Spanish tapas-style sharable bites.

It'll have its own menu, created by chef Kentaro Tsunoda, who earned a Michelin Star as executive sous chef at Stella Maris in Paris before joining Manpuku.

That menu will include:

  • Uni & Kobe Beef Sashimi
  • Beef Yakiniku Tortilla Pizza
  • Crab Ceviche
  • Japanese Taco Rice
  • Crispy Cheese
  • Spicy Beef Ramen

"Dallas diners are already falling in love with Chef Tsunoda’s creative dishes, and our new Niku Bar further displays his skill with unique flavor combinations,” says Shinya li, CEO of Take Five Dining Texas Company, which owns Manpuku. "With The Niku Bar, Manpuku continues to evolve its unique experience that can’t be found anywhere else in Dallas."

Take Five Dining Texas Company is based in Los Angeles and Tokyo, and operates seven yakiniku restaurants and eight western cuisine restaurants in central Tokyo. That includes Manpuku Japanese Yakiniku Grill, a chain of Japanese barbecue (yakiniku) restaurants founded in Tokyo 70 years ago, with four locations in Southern California.

Manpuku opened in Dallas in June. It's an interactive experience featuring raw beef and vegetables cooked on tabletop grills and eaten fresh and hot. Heavy on the beef, and that goes for The Niku Bar, too.

"In Japanese, niku means 'meat,' so we’ll have a strong focus on new ways to experience American wagyu beef with interesting flavors like sea urchin or raw egg yolk,” Tsunoda says. "We’ll offer a completely different experience on our patio than we do inside with a large and varied menu with something new to try on each visit."

In addition to the sharable bites menu, the beverage menu features a signature sangria with red wine, fresh, seasonal fruit and local honey. Also available are sommelier selected wines, Japanese whiskies and craft beer.