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New bar Casablanca opens in Dallas' Bishop Arts with karaoke speakeasy

New bar Casablanca opens in Dallas' Bishop Arts with karaoke speakeasy

Expect it to be spicy. Casablanca

There's yet another new concept coming to Oak Cliff from Exxir Hospitality, the real estate development, design, and hospitality group behind Paradiso, Botanist and Tejas: Called Casablanca, it's a bar opening at 200 N. Bishop Ave. #113, where it will serve craft cocktails and shared plates, in a vibrant decorated atmosphere.

According to a releasee, it'll open in late October.

Exxir CEO Michael Nazerian says in a statement that it'll transport you to a "vintage, exotic world imbued with 70s glamour."

"It's a place to escape and celebrate everyday moments with your friends while allowing the opportunity to mingle with Dallas’ most diverse and interesting crowd," Nazerin says. "The menu is approachable or as exotic as you want  it to be, ranging from frozen piña coladas with Balinese popcorn chicken to Moroccan rum tea service with cardamom lamb skewers from our award-winning beverage director Iluggy Recinos and chef Nick Hurry."

The decor pulls details and inspiration from Moorish design, Moroccan pattern, Balinese island influences, artisan crafts, and greenery, throughout both indoor and outdoor spaces, including a courtyard with a tiled reflecting pool.

The release calls the outdoor patio a tropical jungle oasis, with landscaping inspired by Tulum's beachfront eateries. You’ll find  saturated colors, custom-designed concrete tiles, terra-cotta pottery, traditional wool rugs,  woven raffia pendants, and intricately carved woodwork throughout Casablanca’s spaces.

Executive Chef Nick Hurry calls it a culmination of everything you would get out of a long journey across the Silk Road.

"We've tried to pull inspiration from food you might get at street stalls from southern China and Malaysia, bazaars of Persia, and smaller shared dishes common in  Northern Africa," he says.

That includes heavily spiced items and possibly unfamiliar herbs. The goal is that the menu's communal shareable vibe will encourage diners to try new things.

It also comes with an increasingly comment element these days: a speakeasy within, although they call it a "singeasy." Its official name is Casanova, and it's a '70s-inspired karaoke lounge, with private rooms lined with wild wall treatments and jewel toned banquettes, which they hope will become a destination for a fun and intimate evening out.