Tex-Mex Closure

Cafe Herrera serves its last enchilada at Mockingbird Station

Cafe Herrera serves its last enchilada at Mockingbird Station

Herrera Cafe
These will no longer be served at Mockingbird Station. Photo courtesy of Herrera's

Tex-Mex restaurant Cafe Herrera has taken the last train out of Mockingbird Station. It has served its last enchilada. It has thrown in the towel.

A spokesperson for the property confirmed that the restaurant would "no longer be part of the Mockingbird Station family," and that the space would be used for other purposes.

Cafe Herrera opened at Mockingbird Station in February 2013, taking over the space vacated by the luckless Margarita Ranch. Even though the location is but a stairway away from the entrance to the Angelika Film Center, it never did great business. Its efforts to pump up business included a $9 lunch special featuring a dozen combination plates served Monday through Friday from 11 am-4 pm.

Another Cafe Herrera, which opened in Denton in 2013, also closed abruptly in September 2014 under similar circumstances, involving a long period of renovation followed by poor business and a landlord shutdown.

The Herrera restaurant family is complex. Both the Denton branch and the branch at Mockingbird Station were owned by Gil Bonifaz and family members, plus a branch called Herrera's Tex-Mex that's on Denton Drive near Love Field.

Another location on Illinois Avenue, called Herrera's Oak Cliff, is owned and operated by a different family member, Jimmy Herrera.

Amelia Herrera opened the original Herrera's Cafe in Dallas in 1971; unable to afford the rent, it closed in August 2014. That branch was owned by yet another family member, Larry Ontiveros, who made plans to move the restaurant to another location but backed out.

A tweet issued by the restaurant on August 19 optimistically proclaimed that "we are not closing" and listed all four branches — including the two closed at Mockingbird Station and Denton, as well as the branches on Denton Drive and on Illinois Avenue in Oak Cliff.

The branch on Illinois Avenue is still open and was doing a brisk lunch. An employee there confirmed that the Denton Drive branch was still operational, just closed on Mondays.