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Proper English pub springs up in former home of Dallas' Tipperary Inn

Proper English pub springs up in former home of Dallas' Tipperary Inn

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There'll be beer, fish & chips, live music, and trivia nights.

There's a new pub opening in Dallas' Lakewood neighborhood that's on hallowed pub ground: Called The Brewers Arms, it's opening in a newly carved-out space in Buzzbrews Kitchen at 5815 Live Oak St., which veteran pubsters will recall was the one-time home to the former Tipperary Inn.

The pub is part of the Buzzbrews family, says Buzzbrews founder Ernest Belmore, and evolved out of his desire to provide a worthy place for locals.

"We'd been doing live music with our classical open mic nights at the Lakewood Buzzbrews for 11 years, and some of the musicians requested a better stage," Belmore says. "They're all real musicians, and I wanted to step up what we had."

He began working with Bob Suffolk, British native, founder of a band called the Fabulous Poodles, and renowned recording studio design guru who has designed studios for local and national names such as Dallas musician Salim Nourallah.

"We started out just doing a stage on a shoestring budget," Belmore says. "But as we worked together, given his background, things began to evolve towards the idea of a British-style pub, and now here we are."

They parceled off the interior of Buzzbrews into two, and proceeded to outfit the new space with the decor and spirit of an old world pub. There are handsome dark woods, snug booths, and U.K. memorabilia on the walls.

They'll serve pub fare, including English-style fish and chips, shepherd's pie, bangers & mash, and full monty breakfasts, plus plenty of British ales and Irish whiskey.

"It'll be a small pub menu, we're not sure yet what the final menu will be, and it will probably incorporate some Buzzbrews dishes, but we do know we'll have traditional pub food," Belmore says.

For Belmore, it was a welcome distraction from the pandemic and also a way to pay homage to the history of the space.

"The area has great bars like Cosmo's and Lakewood Landing and Cock & Bull, but it used to have a pub in the location that people still ask about," he says. "I felt like it was a void, and it gave me inspiration, it made me feel like I'm giving back again."

Live music and entertainment is a major component, and there'll be themes every night from open mic nights on Monday, to flamenco jazz on Wednesdays, to the trivia nights they've been doing on Thursdays all along at Buzzbrews.

Their grand opening is slated for late November, but they've opened very quietly, and will spend the next few weeks refining the details, day by day.

"We're already serving fish & chips," Belmore says.