Campisi's Get Sued

Elderly man sues Campisi's over violent attack in Dallas parking lot

Elderly man sues Campisi's over violent attack in Dallas parking lot

A 70-year-old man who was beaten within an inch of his life outside Campisi's on Mockingbird Lane in January is now suing the restaurant and two other entities for negligence.

Luis Rocha has filed suit against Campisi's, Radio Shack and Corinth Properties for what he alleges is their role in the attack. He is seeking unspecified damages.

 Luis Rocha's many injuries include 10 broken ribs and the need for open heart surgery. The suit says medical bills have left his family in financial ruin.

According to a police report, three white males attacked Rocha in the 5600 block of East Mockingbird Lane around 9 pm on January 5. Robbery was originally believed to be the motive, but the thugs did not take any property in the assault.

No arrests have been made in the case, and police believe the attack could be related to the so-called "knockout game," a disturbing trend where "thrill-seeking" assailants frequently use race or age as motivating factor in selecting their victims.

In the November 6 lawsuit, Rocha recounts his horrifying ordeal. It begins with the fact that he had to park in a dimly lit Radio Shack lot because all of the handicapped spots in front of Campisi's were occupied. When Rocha returned to his vehicle with pizza in hand, he was beaten, kicked and punched by unknown men.

"Unfortunately, due to the fact that the parking lots were devoid of adequate security or lighting, the attack was not seen by Rocha, any passersby, Campisi's patrons or Campisi's employees," the filing reads. "In effect, Rocha was left for dead in the dark of night while lying sprawled across the pavement fighting for his life."

The suit details Rocha's many injuries, including at least 10 broken ribs that led to fluid and blood filling his heart cavity and necessitating open heart surgery. He would later need five titanium plates inserted into his eye, which had to be sewn shut. The suit says Rocha is still in immense pain and his medical bills have left his family in financial ruin.

"Had Campisi's, RadioShack, or Corinth Properties, all of whom were possessors of the premises at the time of the incident, installed adequate warnings, adequate signage, adequate lighting, and/or had adequate security in place to protect invitees, Rocha would not have been injured," the filing reads.

According to online court documents, Radio Shack, Campisi's and Corinth Properties have not yet been served with papers in the case. Requests for comment on the suit were not immediately returned.

Campisi's pizza
Luis Rocha was brutally attacked after leaving Campisi's on Mockingbird Lane. Campisi's/Facebook