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Dallas BBQ restaurant adds new menu item impossible to believe

Dallas BBQ restaurant adds new menu item impossible to believe

Blu's BBQ
In addition to their regular BBQ sandwiches, Blu's is doing a very special burger. Photo courtesy of Blu's

North Dallas barbecue restaurant Blu's Barbeque has added a new menu item that's almost impossible to comprehend: the Impossible burger.

The restaurant, which opened in June in the former Lucky's Barber Shop, forged a deal with Impossible and is selling its plant-based patties, known for its convincing meat-like qualities.

Many DFW restaurants are serving the Impossible burger, the locations of which Impossible lists on its website. As recently as July 2018, you could count the number of places that had it with two hands, but that tally has climbed considerably, to well more than 200 restaurants across the Metroplex.

It's even available at Burger King, as an Impossible Whopper, which is a godsend if you live in a non-hip area where Impossible burgers are few and far between.

But it's safe to say that Blu's is likely the only BBQ restaurant doing the Impossible.

For special events, Blu's also makes meatless meatloaf, as well.

The kitchen seasons both the burger and the meatloaf with Blu's BBQ, then smokes them in the smoker.

A half-pound burger with a small side is $11.95 on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

Steve Bergenholtz, whose son Zachary opened the restaurant, says that they've been met with requests for vegetarian options ever since they opened.

"Families come in to eat BBQ and it seems like there's always at least one person who wants a vegetarian option," Steve says. "Up until now, we've had baked beans, jumbo baked potatoes, and a few sides."

The demand was even greater for their catering operation, which counts for at least half their business. "Nearly all of our large corporate clients insist on a vegetarian option," Steve says.

Zachary opened Blu's with pitmaster Terrence Hill, who has left the restaurant. Their menu still includes smoked meats such as Angus beef brisket, pulled pork, pork spare ribs, and Akushi smoked sausage in pork and beef or jalapeño.