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Deep Ellum restaurant specializing in French fries says its goodbyes

Deep Ellum restaurant specializing in French fries says its goodbyes

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These fries are no longer available, a tragedy. Photo courtesy of #getfried

It's a dark day for anyone who loves French fries, which is duh everyone: The first, nay the only, Dallas location of Get Fried Fry Cafe, a quick-serve restaurant that offers French fries with gourmet toppings, has closed.

Owner Muhammad Abdullah, who brought the franchise to Dallas in 2018, confirmed that the restaurant closed a few weeks ago.

"We closed a couple of weeks ago," Abdullah says. "We had some issues with the franchise and decided to go our own route."

The issues could possibly be that, for some reason, Dallas diners do not support restaurants dedicated to single items such as French fries. (Except for burger places, which Dallas diners support in droves.)

It surely wasn't its location in the thick of things at 2656 Main St., #130, across from Pecan Lodge. Sometimes Pecan Lodge has a line. Don't fries seem like a good thing to snack on while waiting in line?

However, the chain had a big expansion planned, with locations lined up for Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Santa Clara, and Egypt. That seems to have gone awry. The website shows only nine locations total, including Dallas, which means eight.

Founded in Buffalo, New York, Get Fried was known for its gourmet-topped French fries, similar to French fry cafes in Amsterdam and poutine shops of Canada. The fries came in six styles, personalized with more than 20 sauces, seasonings, and toppings.

Abdullah says he's still deciding whether he'll open something else in the space. "We're trying to run some ideas," he says.