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Popular restaurant in Dallas' Design District spins off champagne bar

Popular restaurant in Dallas' Design District spins off champagne bar

Glass of champagne
Champagne is always a good thing. Photo courtesy of HARWOOD District

A Dallas Design District restaurant has spawned a new bar. The Charles, the Italian restaurant at 1632 Market Center Blvd. will open a private dining and cocktail/champagne bar called Bar Charles. The bar is nestled on the backside of the restaurant, with entry through the back alleyway.

The idea is that you can pop in for a drink or linger after dinner.

In a release, owner Chas Martin, who also owns The Charles, describes Bar Charles as "a feast for the senses," although which senses he does not say.

Their "thing" is world-class champagne at a fair price point. There's also a wine list with bottles from Italy, Burgundy, and Napa.

Food-wise, they're featuring a bar menu that the release calls "authentic" — which is laudable, because fake bar menus are definitely no bueno. It includes finger foods such as pork rinds and Royal Osetra caviar.

Martin says the new bar will help accommodate the overflow of customers they've seen in the restaurant.

"We've known we needed a space like Bar Charles since opening The Charles 18 months ago because we’re full every night of the week," Martin says. "Now our guests will have a place to have a drink while waiting for their table, or a fun bar with a high-energy atmosphere to have a drink."

The space features seven seating areas, with a total of 45 seats. So that would be, let's do the math, 45 seats divided by 7 areas = 6.5 seats per area. Unless you sit on someone's lap. But wait, there are also eight seats at the bar. To sum up, 8 bar + 45 dining room = 53 seats total.

The design is Italian inspired with a little irreverence. The lounge features six to seven different types of tile — six or seven, they cannot say — floral prints, velvet chairs and booths, and a custom mural on the ceiling inspired by Italian frescos, outlined in pink neon lighting.

It opens at 4 pm and closing time is "whenever." Fun.